Defining Designers - understanding who does what!

With so many names and terms bandied about, it can be very confusing to know what exactly the scope of work is for different Designers in relation to a project and the world of Design. So we have put together a brief description of who does what and how we work together to create the best results. Read on to understand a little more of our world…

An Interior Designer works specifically in the creation and enhancement of interior spaces for the benefit of those who will use them. They can create an overall design concept using sketch design and interior selections to produce beautiful and functional spaces. This can include the manipulation of space, for example planning or changing layout for renovations, as well as the selection of interior and exterior finishes and furnishings. An Interior Designer can then coordinate trades and manage the project to completion.

An Interior Decorator or Stylist works specifically with the selection of finishes, from hard finishes such as flooring or cabinetry, to soft finishes such as furniture and window furnishings. They can colour consult, create a style concept and furniture plan, as well as put together furniture packages. They can then organise the ordering of all items as well as coordinating the delivery and installation. They are also able to style the project for photoshoots or guests.

At CT Design, we use a Drafter to draw up detailed computer generated plans (rarely hand-drawn now days) based on our design concept. These plans (blueprints) are then used for Builders and Trades to follow in construction. There can be multiple plans for one project - for example in a renovation, there may be an initial concept design, then a demolition plan, proposed plan, furniture plan, plus electrical, plumbing, elevations and so on.

We also like to work closely with a Landscape Architect in the initial design stage if possible. Their role is to create a landscape design that will create a harmonious link between the house design, the garden and external areas. They can put forward suggested finishes for external areas and produce a planting list for the garden to bring the design to life. From initial concept and sketch design, through to CAD drawings and documentation, they can follow the project through to completion and recommend landscapers to physically complete the work.

Here at CT Design, we are fortunate enough to offer a broad range of services for our clients, including Building Design, Interior Design, Interior Decorating and Styling and can recommend both Drafters and Landscape Architects! We really do offer a full design service and have a long list of trusted contacts, trades, contractors and suppliers whom we have worked with over the last 10 years. This contact list alone is so valuable, as finding trusted trades and suppliers can be very tricky indeed and is only one of the reasons why hiring a professional designer can save you money and time in the long run.