Get your colours right

Colour - love it, hate it, can’t decide? Everyone is different and it’s a subject that can be debated endlessly, but one thing we do know - if you get it right, boy is it wonderful! We love working with colour – it can inject so much personality, life and energy into a space, and can really tell visitors something about the owners of the home. However our best advice, is to use colour wisely and thoughtfully.

Colour trends come and go (and then come back again if you wait long enough!), however don’t blindly follow the trends, unless you REALLY love it. For example, you may love the current earthy tones of green being used – sage, olive, moss, pear - and we agree, they are divine. However perhaps don’t rush to re-tile your bathroom entirely in olive!

Use the colour wisely – the easiest and most cost effective way of incorporating an on-trend colour is to update soft furnishings or accessories. New feature cushions or soft linen sheets for the bedroom, a fresh set of towels and bathmats for the bathroom, some locally made ceramics and a vase of fresh foliage for the kitchen or living. These little changes can bring a new vitality to your space without committing to a new bathroom tile colour that may be dated before the tiler is finished!

For bigger changes, such as painting the exterior of your home, we suggest sticking to classic and timeless colours. Yes, it’s true, we are a fan of white and its many variations (however slight!), because it is so timeless and it creates such a beautiful canvas for creating your story through furnishings. It also perfectly suits our coastal location and continues to look fabulous years later. If white alone is just too plain for your tastes, splash out with a feature colour. This could be used for a front door or a feature wall to really make your house stand out.

Internally, how much natural light a room receives will be important in determining your colour choice. Darker rooms will feel brighter with lighter tones, while rooms with plenty of natural light can take darker tones well. We particularly love using wallpaper to add colour, texture and personality and the choices are endless – you can be certain to find something you love, be it a subtle taste of colour or a vibrant splash.

As for accessories, this is where you can go wild! Generally, try to stick with no more than 3 accent colours and allow these to shine. If you’re not sure about colour combinations, look to nature for inspiration. There are so many amazing colours and tones on display in our beautiful surrounds to take colour cues from – green, blue and sandy hues – pink, orange and green – mustard, navy and timber tones – the options are endless. Find a colour palette that makes you feel happy and go for it!

If you aren’t confident in your choices, we strongly suggest asking a professional Interior Designer or Stylist to help. Colour consultations don’t need to be costly, however making mistakes that then have to be fixed, can be!