A quick guide to choosing artwork

Choosing artwork for your home can be a very personal process and can really add so much personality to a space. Colours, styles, mediums, prints, canvas, photographic, textile – there are so many choices and some people find it easy and others difficult. Take into consideration the following before you begin and you will be on your way –

· Do you want a stand-out statement piece to take centre-stage or something more subtle to complement a room?

· Is there a budget to adhere to, as this can be a dictating factor in whether the artwork will be original or a print.

· When is the artwork being chosen – is it the start of a new interior palette or are you needing the art to work into an existing scheme?

· Where will the artwork be located – an important factor to take into consideration for sizing purposes.

If you’re working into an existing scheme, you can at least narrow down colour choices. You’re not going to choose a predominantly red artwork, for example, if you’re working it into a mustard and navy colour scheme! It’s best to choose something that will work in or complement the current colour scheme. Once you have a colour palette to reference, you can then look at location, which will help dictate the size of the artwork. Would you like one feature piece, or a series, for example 3 or more?

Then there is budget to consider – for original pieces, you could begin looking at local galleries or commissioning a piece by a local artist. Beyond that, you could begin looking further afield within Australia, as there are many incredibly talented Australian artists. There are also many great photographers on our doorstep with a wide selection of beautiful images taken of our breathtaking surrounds.

If you’re after a more budget-friendly option, there are many avenues. One of our favourite suppliers is the Designer Boys, local art connoisseurs who supply interior designers with a huge selection of art from artists around the world. They have every style covered, from photographic prints, abstracts, vintage prints, watercolours to textile, boxed art or framed canvas’. The quality of their prints and framing is excellent, and their selection is outstanding. To this date, we have never been unsuccessful in finding an artwork(s) that a client didn’t love from the lovely DB catalogue of artwork.

We also use a great local framer and installer – if you have some treasured photographs you’ve been keeping, have them professionally framed to create a very personal and much loved display. We also highly recommend having your artwork professionally installed, as there are many factors to take into consideration, such as the best height to install the artwork (general rule of thumb, middle of the artwork at eye height), weight of the artwork and what hardware to use, and what kind of wall is the art being installed on (gyprock or plasterboard, brick, tile etc). It can be more complicated than you first imagine, which is why we always use a trusted installer. It saves a lot of headaches in the long run!

We hope these steps help guide you in your selections. But of course, as always recommended, if you’re not confident – we’re here to help!