We love wallpaper

We have always been a big fan of wallpaper and it has certainly had a resurgence of late, as seen in many beautiful homes featured in decor and design magazines. And why not, when it is such a perfect medium to use to inject colour, texture and some serious personality into a space, which is of course, the very reason we love it!

With an endless selection of styles, textures and colours available, we have assisted many a client in the process of selection, and to fabulous results (if we do say so ourselves!). Our best advice, don't do this on your own – even though many of the renovation shows airing lead you to believe anyone can do it, it’s not as easy as it looks!

Firstly, contact us for guidance on style and location. Not every wallpaper and finish will suit every location, so you need to ensure you get that choice right the first time. For example, bathrooms can be a tricky area to use wallpaper and only very specific finishes will work in this location (such as a vinyl finish). Having ample airflow is important as well, as too much damp or humid air can cause the wallpaper to bubble. Not a good look! There is a product that can be applied to the surface of the wallpaper that can assist in protecting it from damp, however this can affect the warranty from the supplier and should be discussed with your designer and installer first.

As for style, allow your imagination and intuition to guide you. Small prints can be a more subtle and gentle way to introduce colour and texture, while large prints can really make a big statement. However if you’re not confident, ask us for assistance – it’s what we do! Getting the style right can greatly enhance your overall design concept and create a really fabulous finish. Get it wrong and it can create discordance within your home, making it more ‘whoa’ than ‘wow’.

Lastly, there’s installation – a job not to be taken lightly! There are so many factors to consider including calculating the correct number of rolls required for the space, prepping the walls properly prior to installing, using the right adhesive and then pattern matching. Personally, I would never undertake this job myself, so unless you are an absolute perfectionist with time on your hands (and who likes a challenge!), I would strongly suggest hiring a professional to install for you. We have used the same installer now for many years and he knows every trick of the trade and is an absolute perfectionist himself! He will ensure the job is done right the first time.

Follow these steps and we are certain you will LOVE the result for many years to come!