Choosing style that lasts

In interiors and fashion, trends can come and go as quickly as a Queensland winter - blink and you can miss it completely! So how do you select finishes and accessories that won’t date quickly but that still hold great style credence? Here are a few pointers to guide you –

• One of the simplest rules to remember is to stay true to your preferred design aesthetic and to not blindly follow trends. This is why mood boards and pinterest pages can help you stay in line with your overall style or theme. It’s very easy to get distracted by the latest pretty palette or ‘must-have piece’, but once you see it sitting within your selections, you may realise it doesn’t fit in at all. If it looks like it absolutely belongs, then you’ve chosen well.

• Look at classic design for guidance – it’s classic for a reason! This is particularly helpful when you are choosing fixed finishes, such as benchtops, flooring, tiles, etc. These are generally going to be more expensive to update, so take your time and choose wisely. We strongly recommend choosing the best quality you can afford here to ensure you get a finish that is of good quality and will last for years to come. Classic base colours – black, white, grey for instance, will not date quickly. If you want to go for a feature tile in the bathroom, for example, perhaps opt for a feature wall rather than the entire bathroom.

• Natural finishes are perennially stylish. Think linens, cottons, jute, wool, stone, timber – all used across different mediums, they will continue to look beautifully stylish because of their unique natural qualities.

• You can absolutely use elements of the latest trends to update your home and the best way is by adding smaller and less expensive accessories. New scatter cushions in the latest colours or patterns is an easy update and can be a more cost effective option than buying a new sofa in the latest colour! Other options are artwork, ceramics, wallpaper, linens, etc.

• Don’t buy an entire package of furniture from the same store – like a bedroom package for example. This will just make your room look like the latest catalogue and will date quickly. It will also make the room look very matchy-matchy, which can really lack personality and individuality. Try to add a few differing finishes to mix it up and feel more unique.

• Money can’t buy style – just because it’s expensive, does not make it stylish! Don’t fall into the trap of believing that the cost of an item relates to its style credibility. Again, make considered choices based on your overall theme.

• On the complete opposite scale to that, just because it’s on sale, does not necessarily make it a bargain! Don’t impulsively buy new furnishings just because they are reduced – carefully consider whether they will suit your home before making a decision. If it does, then run, don’t walk!

At the end of the day, YOU have to live with your choices. Stay true to your own style preferences, without being influenced by what other people might think, and you are on your way. If you’re not confident in pulling it all together (which can be quite difficult and is a real talent!), then ask for advice and bring a stylist or designer in to assist you. It will be money well spent.