Creating a fabulous & functional laundry

The laundry has certainly had its moment in the limelight recently and we are 100% for it. Gone are the days when the laundry was a dark and dingy space under the house with a washing machine in one corner, a utilitarian sink in the other and a family of daddy-long-leg spiders lurking! As for design and function, dream on! Thankfully, the laundry has become as much of a consideration to the home design as the main bathroom, and so it should, seeing that it’s a space that holds such responsibility.

So what are the key essentials to creating a fabulous and functional laundry space? Read on for our top tips –

Function over form – never forget this adage and you will do well. Think about the functions required from your laundry before you think about pretty finishes. What jobs need to be accommodated in this room and for how many people? What equipment will need to be included (ie washer/dryer, fold-down ironing board, etc)?

Then consider layout – obviously a designer would be an ideal person to assist you here. However if you’re going it alone, then you will need to look at what space you have available and how to make the best use of it to ensure you include all your essential items as well as create a space that is functional. It’s no use having floor to ceiling cupboards for example, if what you really need is a bench to fold laundry.

Storage is high on the list, so think about what you actually need to store and then look at options to accommodate this. Some people like to have their linen cupboard in here, while others require more of a utility cupboard. Do you require a GPO in the cupboard for the iron or vacuum charger? Space for cleaning items and detergents should be included – some people like to have shelves so they can display pretty canisters and bottles, however if you’re not committed to decanting your laundry liquid, don’t go there!

Do not order any appliances until you have checked measurements! An easy mistake, but one we see happen again and again and there’s nothing more frustrating than getting your new goods, only to realise that they don’t actually fit. Consider things such as which way washers and dryers open and ensure it doesn’t impinge on cabinetry, etc. When choosing appliances, it goes without saying that it is always best to buy the best quality you can afford, with the most water and energy efficiency. It will save you $$ in the long run.

Then we come to the pretty things, like tiles, benchtops and colour schemes. It will come down to personal taste here – you can go wild or stay on the conservative side. Keeping the style in line with the rest of the house is going to be best for resale if that needs to be a consideration. If you have subway tiles in your bathrooms, for example, you could use a subway in the laundry but in a different colour or different layout. The same goes for cabinetry – keeping the general theme will ensure cohesion throughout the home. However, in saying that, sometimes going a little wild is fun too (especially if, like us, you spend more time in there than anyone else in the family!). If you don’t want to commit to a crazy tile, wallpaper can be a fabulous option and is a much easier option if you ever want to replace it. A vinyl paper will be best and you need to ensure there is ample ventilation.

Whatever you do, just make sure you give the design of your laundry the same amount of time and consideration as you do the rest of your home, and we guarantee it will be a space you not only love, but will serve you well.