Make an entrance

The entrance to your home can say so much about who lives within and is one of the first impressions guests receive when they visit. Not to mention the feeling it evokes within you when you walk in the door. So what does your home’s entrance say about you? Make a style statement and say something fabulous! Where do I begin, you wonder? Here’s a quick guide –

How does your front door look – is it looking fabulous? If not, consider an update. If the door itself is still in good nick, then a new paint colour will do wonders. An update in hardware is also an easy refresh and some fabulous house numbers on the door can completely change the feel of your entrance. A statement door knocker is also a chance to make a style statement – you could choose something vintage and eclectic, something traditional or something modern and sleek. Pick your style and go for it!

Make sure you have a great front door mat here as well. You could choose something neutral and textured, patterned and colourful or something with a fun slogan (you could get a little more creative than the standard ‘welcome’ if you dare!).

Inject some green – if there’s room, add some lovely pots of plants. There are so many options – hanging pots, a green wall, 1 big statement pot or 3 varied sized pots grouped together will all add impact. Look at the location to work out what type of plants will suit – is it shady or sunny, or a bit of both? This will guide your plant selection. As long as you keep them looking fresh (and alive!), this greenery will instantly add some life to your entrance.

Once inside, if there’s room, place a console near the door. This is a perfect spot to add some interest and give guests an idea of who lives within these 4 walls, but make it something that is special to you and will elicit a smile upon seeing it. A treasured artwork or travel memento would be wonderful here. A lamp and mirror if there’s room is also a nice addition, but most importantly a fabulous bowl or basket to place keys, phone, wallet and such, as you enter.

Coat hooks, baskets and a bench seat would all be perfect additions here if a console won’t work or if you have plenty of room for both. Anything that can keep clutter neat and tidy or best, hidden, is ideal.

Lighting is also a wonderful way to make a statement – whether it’s a lamp on the console (you could have the shade re-covered in a colourful print), a pendant or chandelier if the ceiling is high enough, or some wall lights. There are so many amazing and beautiful options out there – have a look around and see what jumps out at you. But ensure a qualified electrician installs it for you!

We hope that gives you some inspiration for creating a beautiful and warm welcome to your home. The most important point of all is to ensure it makes you feel GOOD when you walk into your home – don’t worry about what’s on trend right now, just go with what feels good to you. And of course, if you need help, we’re just a phone call away!