Master bedroom perfection

When it comes to our idea of a dreamy master bedroom, here at CT Design, we automatically think of a calming sanctuary, a place to retreat, breathe out and recharge. To us, this is what the master bedroom should be – a space within the home that is quiet, peaceful and restful – a little oasis from life’s hectic schedule. Here is a room to really decorate as you please and allow a softer side to rule. We share our top tips for creating bedroom perfection –

Light and air flow – so important, for any room of the house, and the bedroom should not be forgotten. Over-head fans are pretty much essential in Queensland and will assist with the flow of air through the room, however well placed windows are important in capturing the natural breeze. Window furnishings will need to be considered both for privacy and the control of natural light. Softer window treatments are lovely in a bedroom – think double track curtains with a blockout behind and a sheer at the front. If blinds are your preference, romans are a lovely option as they are both practical and offer a softer finish than a roller blind.

Furniture – clearly the bed is going to be the most important piece of furniture in the room, so you want to make sure it’s perfect for you! The style of bed you choose will come down to personal taste and there are many to choose from –
• An ensemble is ideal if you like an upholstered bedhead (also a fabulous way to introduce colour and pattern!).
• A timber bed-base can be a great option if you want added storage such as drawers under the bed. Timber can also create a very natural and organic feel for the room and can be a feature in itself.
• An upholstered bed-base with bedhead built in as part of the whole, which creates a very streamlined and seamless style. Jardan offer some really lovely upholstered options.
• As for mattresses, well we could write a whole blog on these alone – so do yourself a favour and test as many as you can to ensure you get the optimal comfort level for you.

Bedside tables are the second most important items on our list and the style you choose gives a great opportunity to help set the tone of the room. If space is an issue, a floating timber shelf could be the best solution. Personally we love a bedside with storage – a single drawer, a little cabinet or even just a shelf – all are great for giving that tiny bit of extra space to hide clutter. And as clutter is visually stressful, your bedroom is definitely a space where you want to keep it at bay! As for style, whether you choose a raw timber, a painted finish or a feature piece such as a bone inlay, will all come down to personal taste and the overall style you have chosen for the rest of the home.

A rug, especially if you have timber or tiled floors, will really help soften the room and create a cosy feel. Wool is the perfect fibre for a bedroom rug as its warm, durable and super soft underfoot. Who doesn’t want to sink their toes into a plush rug upon getting out of bed?

Then there is linens for your bed – buy the best you can afford! 100% linen is divine and ideal in our climate as it’s breathable, cool in summer and warm in winter. Its natural crumpled look is just sublime, however not everyone loves this look (if you like a crisp, minimal style, linen will be your worst nightmare!). If it’s not for you, bamboo or 100% cotton with a good thread count is a lovely option and can offer more of a boutique hotel feel if you just can’t cope with crumpled linen. As for colours, we tend to opt for a gentle palette as the goal is to create a restful space – think pastels, neutrals, whites, charcoals & greys. Colour and pattern can be brought in with some fabulous feature cushions, which will really help dress and finish the bed. These are also an easy and cost effective way to update your bedroom each year.

Lighting is also an important factor to consider – you don’t want anything too bright or intrusive. If you have overhead lights, dimmers are a must. Bedside lamps are handy and great if you like to read in bed (seriously, who doesn’t?!). They also offer another opportunity to layer the style of the room, with so many bases and shade combinations available. Two hanging pendants on either side of the bed is a sophisticated option and a great way to save space on bedside tables. An alternative to hanging pendants are two feature wall lights, also a lovely way to add personality to the room and create mood lighting.

Now it’s down to the finer details, so a quick note on wall treatments. Paint or wallpaper – make your choice, either will be lovely if you pick something that makes you feel happy and calm. As mentioned subtlety is key here – for example, if you’re opting for wallpaper, an alternative to pattern is texture, which will add a lovely layer of interest and depth to the room without making it feel too ‘busy’.

Finally, there is artwork and accessories – here is a perfect opportunity to display much loved items – travel mementos, precious photos, artwork that makes your heart sing – narrow your choices down and showcase only the most important. Avoid clutter!

With some thought and careful selection, this room can be a divine space of calm in which you can retreat and recharge. Ahhh and breathe…