Ready for a kitchen update? Read this...

We’ve come to expect a lot from our kitchens over the last few decades and it’s not surprising, given the busy lives we lead today. Gone are the days when the kitchen was positioned in a separate room, closed off from the rest of the house and used only for cooking. Kitchens today function as the heart of the home, a gathering space for family, open to dining and living spaces and even outdoor living. So with these higher expectations, how do we create a kitchen that can meet all of our needs? Here are a few key features to consider –

3 zone requirements are now more like 5 zone – typically when designing a kitchen, the first consideration is the uninterrupted flow between stove/oven, sink and refrigerator. These are still essential elements for functional layout – but now with our increased needs, we need to consider additional essentials, such as flow from sink to hidden waste disposal and dishwasher, space for prep zone and the distance to pantry & fridge, entertaining – is there space allowance for guests to sit at the island. Your requirements are going to be individual to you and it’s important to really think about how you want to use the space before you start planning layout.

Open plan – most people now want their living zones to be open plan and that includes the kitchen. With the kitchen being a central hub of the home, it makes it an ideal layout for functional modern living and as an added bonus, increases air and light flow within the home. Having a large central island is ideal for creating an open plan space and also allows the kitchen to be part of the entertaining zone, which is often high on the priority list.

Sophisticated storage – wow has storage solutions come a long way in the last 30 years! With an array of products available, storage has become so much easier to include. Think –
• Soft-close drawers rather than cupboards for pots and pans, crockery and so on
• A separate bin drawer for general waste and recycling (don’t forget bench top compost bins too!)
• Under-bench wine fridges
• Appliance cupboards + coffee making stations
• Butler’s pantry or scullery – the ideal storage addition with microwave, sink, 2nd dishwasher and pantry all hidden away in one space

Integrated appliances – with the kitchen now being open to the main living and entertaining areas, it’s not surprising we want to hide bulky appliances and create more of a streamlined and design savvy space. Integrating your appliances creates a beautiful uninterrupted flow of cabinetry, which becomes a feature in itself.

High end appliances + tech zones – refrigerators that you can control from your smart phone, wine fridges that keep wine at perfect temperatures, steam ovens, warming ovens, the list goes on! Everyone will have their own wish list according to lifestyle and there are numerous options to choose from. And let’s not forget charging stations for phones, laptops and the like – all essentials of modern living and requiring dedicated space.

Finally, let’s not forget a bit of statement design – a feature tile splashback, a luxe island benchtop, custom cabinetry in a favourite hue, statement pendant lighting – whatever takes your fancy, the options are there. Just prioritise what you want as the feature or hero piece and make sure you love it!

Designing a kitchen is not for the faint hearted – we highly recommend getting professional advice & guidance before embarking on this journey (trust us, this ain’t our first rodeo!). Being such an essential, multifunctioning space, you want to get it right the first time and mistakes in layout or design can be costly to fix. Call us if you need assistance!