The Mudroom - a must for modern family living

The term ‘mudroom’ historically referred to a small space near the back entry of a farm or manor house, where you would literally take off and store muddy boots and coats. Fast forward to today and this room has taken on far more importance in the lives of modern families.

The modern mudroom is now an essential space located near the entry to your home, quite often from the garage, and can be either close to or part of the laundry space. The room’s function is to provide the family a place to store daily essentials on entering the home – kids can drop off school bags and kick off shoes, parents can hang coats and scarves, dog leads can be hung up and beach detritus can be deposited without dragging sand through the house. Can you see why this room is worth its weight in gold?!

So how does one go about decorating and designing this room? Well read on lovely…

First up is location, location, location! It’s an obvious point, but you want it to be located as near to the family entry as possible, but not necessarily on display to general visitors (unless you are one of those amazing types whose house is ALWAYS perfect, in which case, do anything you like!). If you all troop in from the garage, then directly off here will be perfect. Close by to the laundry, if it’s a separate space, is also ideal. You want to be able to throw wet towels and swimmers, or muddy sports clothes straight into the wash rather than mouldering away in a hamper!

If you use the front door, then this will be a little trickier, as the space would be best located adjacent to here but with the ability to be closed off. A great barn door slider could be an interesting way to close off the space or some French doors with fluted glass.

So what about storage – I say the prettier and more functional it is, the better! There’s the option of built in cabinetry, which could reflect the finishes chosen for the laundry to offer cohesion throughout the home. Keep in mind what needs to be stored so that it’s practical for you. Then there’s the option of freestanding furniture, such as coat + shoe racks, cupboards and consoles. You don’t want to clutter the space, so keep it to essentials only.

A firm favourite is allowing individual storage for each family member (and even fur babies!). This creates a very personal and functional space that suits your family’s specific needs. You can really have fun personalising this space – think cute letter hooks with each person’s first initial, or coloured Muuto dots with each family member’s favourite colour… you get the idea! Add in some pretty baskets for shoes, bags and so on, a great benchseat as a spot to sit for pulling on and off shoes, a fabulous rug or entry mat (quality jute, sisal or the new high quality indoor/outdoor rugs would be ideal) and perhaps a mirror.

Flooring should also be considered here and tiles would have to be top of the list for practical reasons. Again, tying in with the style of the laundry is a great option or you could choose something really fun. A fabulous pattern or a brighter colour than what you might use in the bathroom perhaps – whatever you’re drawn to, go for it! This is a great space to let your hair down and go a little wild! If you want to keep cohesion with the style of your home, ensure you choose something that is in the same colour palette as you’ve used in other areas of your home. That way, even if you’ve chosen a different pattern or style of tile, your choice will still work in with your other design choices.

We hope these points help you along your way in creating a fabulous and practical mudroom for your family. If you need help, well you know where to find us!