Downsizing - get the furniture right for your new abode

Moving house is up there as one of the most stressful experiences one can go through in life and most people vow never to move again once they’ve done it! But what happens when you’re downsizing and your furniture now doesn’t fit in your new space? Or the style is not compatible with your new abode? Deep breaths, don’t panic just yet! And do not rush out and start shopping! Being organised and planning ahead is your best weapon in this instance.

As soon as you’ve decided upon your new home, request a floor plan. This will allow you to measure and map out where your current furniture will fit, and if it doesn’t, it will become quickly apparent. Then you can begin listing out what new items you’ll need for your new home, what you can keep of your existing items and what you can sell or donate. Now is the time to enlist some professional help! An Interior Designer or Stylist can smooth out this entire process for you, taking an enormous amount of stress from your shoulders and ensuring your new space feels like home.

We are frequently assisting clients with moving home, internationally, interstate or simply downsizing to apartment living. We find most people like to bring a few special pieces with them, but are ready to invest in new items for the majority of furniture and furnishings. After all, a change is as good as a holiday and starting afresh with new colours, textiles and furnishings can certainly make moving a little more rewarding!

Once we have the floor-plan, we can really get moving on creating a new palette, updating the style, incorporating existing items and ordering new items that will befit your new abode. Getting the size and proportions right for your new pieces is especially important, which is why the floor plans are integral in this process. If required, we can go in and measure up ourselves, which is also a great chance to inspect the new space for any hidden challenges, such as sofas not fitting up stairwells and such – trust us, we’ve seen it all and getting your sofa craned in at the last minute is a stress you might like to avoid!

If you have a designer looking after the purchasing of new furniture and furnishings for you, you can rest assured knowing that they will look after everything from selections + ordering of items, down to liaising with couriers, taking delivery, unpacking and installing your new items. Having this taken care of for you will save an enormous amount of stress and allow you to move in and enjoy your new surrounds.