Kerb Appeal - get your exterior up to scratch

If you watch any of the many renovation shows currently airing, you will have heard of the importance of ‘kerb appeal’. Essentially it is ensuring the front of your home and garden look their very best, which is extra important if you are considering selling. So what do you need to do to get things looking their best? Ask a Designer of course! Our suggestions would be to look at the following –

External paint condition + colour – how’s the paint finish faring on your home? If it’s looking tired and dated, time for a new colour scheme or at the very least, a refresh. If you’re not sure of colour schemes, we would suggest a Colour Consultation with an Interior Designer who can work out a complementary scheme for you. As for the actual painting, unless you are particularly handy and have time on your hands, hire a professional! It’s always best to go with someone who has been recommended, trust us! If painting isn’t required, have the exterior professionally cleaned to ensure the finish looks its best.

Entry – does the front door or entry require any repairs or a refresh? Painting the front door a fresh new colour is a big trend right now and can do wonders to lift external appeal. If there’s a front porch, looking at updating balustrades or re-staining timber posts etc, will also provide a fabulous lift. Finish the area off with a lovely potted plant (or try a group of 3 in varying sizes) and a stylish door mat and you’ll be amazed at the different it can make.

Lighting + accessories – front entry lighting is important and there are literally thousands of feature lights you could choose from to add a little wow. Just make sure the style ties in with the overall style of your home. A statement door knocker or numbers can make a really beautiful design feature and set the tone for the rest of the home.

Garden – this goes without saying, but if you have more weeds than plants, well time to take action! You could consult a Landscape Architect if you really want to create a beautiful garden. They can plot out a perfect plan for your space as well as give you a list of suggested plantings, then pass on to a landscaper to create for you. Otherwise, if the garden just needs a little refresh, you could have a chat with some local nurseries on their suggestions for some add in plants to spruce things up. A load of mulch over the garden beds will also do wonders.

Fencing – very important, your front fence is the very first impression buyers or visitors see, so make sure it looks FABULOUS. Paint it, stain it, re-build it, re-design it – whatever stage it’s at, take action and don’t leave this one out. If you need to re-design, again, ask a professional to help you get it right to ensure it complements the style of your home.

Once you have all these areas sorted out, sit back and look at how gorgeous your home is. If you’re selling, we are certain you will be getting a positive return on investment. If you are staying, enjoy the compliments from visitors and watch how you smile every time you arrive home!